Thursday, March 31, 2011


I was in love with a boy in my college days for the last 4 years.When i was in final year during campus time many companies visited our college but i unfortunately we both could not get through it.Last company was WIPRO ,so i was expecting a lot but again same ,i could not made through it.But i was more depressed because my boyfriend could not get through it.Those days i was very depressed,frustrated .Even i stopped my kriya & stopped believing on guruji also.
11th june 2010,the last day of our college days.I still remember that day.We all friends decided to have lunch together.That day i was carrying a bag in which by mistake i carried all my original certificates of 10th,12th,college registration card.That file also contained admit card of SSC exam of my boyfriend.While doing lunch some body stole my bag.After lunch only we came to know about it.We all searched it a lot but all in drain.That time also i was more worrying about him,his SSC exam rather than my own certificates.In all those tensed environment after seeing my concern towards my boyfriend more rather than on myself,1 of my close friend disclosed me something that changed my life.From her i came to know that he was dating some other girl from last 1 an half month.He was not at all loyal to me.Later he too accepted it all.That was the worse day of my life.Though i tried a lot but did not get a job & now on last day of college lost my all original certificates.And most importantly i lost my love,my trust ,that i always used think as my asset in my life.I broked up completely
Next day i had my train for my home town.I came back.There at home i had to go through many procedures of courts ,in order to issue my certificates again.But in my heart i was feeling everything will be fine.Exactly 4 days after incident i got a call from a person from berhampur(where my is college situated) that he got a file containing some certificates from a raod side dustbin.Those people took my bag and thrown that file containing certificates in dustbin.After getting his call i forget breathing for a while.Then 1 by 1 i asked him about all the certificates.I thanked him alot & at the same time remembered my guruji.Then he couriored me all my certificates.And i got my certificates back.That day i remembered GURUJI ,cried a lot and understood the reason which he wanted to show me.

This was a miracle for me.That good man returned my career to me.And i felt so guilty that i doubted guruji!!!!!. , i left believing on guruji for 1 boy who finally ditched me.If that day my bag had not being stolen ,i would have never came to know about his actual face.I must have being made fooled later also.It was all a miracle,loosing of bag ,then again getting it back.In this way GURUJI saw me the correct path,he took out me from unknown truth.He saved my life from becoming more painful.
In life we faces many problems,and many times we stop believing god,our guruji!! but guruji never leaves us.He 's always with us,holding our hands,showing us the right path.Now am happy and always feel GURUJI with me,around me.
Deepika Kumari 
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