Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guru Story - Journey from House Wife to an IAS Officer

Dear One,
I like to share the experience of An IAS officer with all.
JaiGurudev !!
K C Chauhan
Art of Living Basic Course teacher
Journey from House Wife to an IAS Officer
JaiGurudev !!
My journey from house wife to an IAS officer is really full of ups & downs. During my tiring preparation i experience lots of frustrations,many times I thought to give up not only preparation of Civil Services but also my Life. But at the Crucial Pont of time my friend suggested to take 'Basic Course' of Art of Living .
Initially I took admission to Course as A causal nature .But at the end of course I changed in and out .At the end of course I realized that everybody has greater or Smaller problem in life and it be can be tackled. Guruji (Shri Shri Ravi Sankar Ji )at crucial point of time given me help .Our teacher in Basic Course told that henceforth your all problems were those of Gurujis.It is true that I experienced the thing in Dicto .Now Now Sudarsan Kriya has become indispensable part of Life .The Kriya has given the
experience that life is full of goodness and Joy and there is someone to take care.Now in future in position of authority I sincerely will try to promote this way as art to live life on mass basis.
Guruji has given the world the treasure of how to learn Art of Living. I wish everybody should pursue it and experience the beauty of Life.
Ghodke Rashmi, IAS

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