Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guru Story - How Lucky

Every moment I live..every breath I take is by the Guru's grace; there are innumerable Guru stories in my life from the smallest desire being fulfilled to the most unexplainable event.
But here is a recent one.
Recently Guruji had sent a message asking everyone to be extra careful while travelling between the 24th-27th January saying that it was accident prone and so people should take utmost caution to travel. However what He did not add was that He is there like a protection shield around you.
What happened on this fateful day was..I started for home from office earlier than usual as we were having the first ever 'Yoga Jam' of London that evening.
As I came up to the pedestrian crossing I checked the road (remembering to be careful ); there were no cars coming so I started crossing at the zebra crossing…..few steps in the crossing I look to my left and I see a car coming emerging from the roundabout but I keep on walking expecting the car to stop as it is my Right of way (at least people follow rules in London or so i thought)..however in the next 5 seconds or so what happens is I see a strong glare of light out of the corner of my eyes I am lifted off my feet and thrown to the side the road. I would like to go in a slow motion over this sequence of event …the car came and hit me at 45 km/hr and the driver swerved to his left at the last moment(please read Guruji made him swerve at the last moment so that I did not have to take the full impact of the car) which caused only the right side of the car to hit my left side..the impact was so hard that I was lifted of my feet..however the amazing thing is when I fell on my stomach I fell so lightly as if it was a feather touch …as if I have been gently lifted and placed on the ground.
From the paramedics, to the doctor who checked me ( and I believe the guy who hit me) wondered how I did not break any bones after being hit so hard.
Everyone kept on repeating how lucky I was … who knows that better than me how lucky I am to have Guruji in my life who takes care of each and everything.
I had a bad bruise on my left leg but other than not a single scratch on my body ; there were lot of speculations about how lucky I was that hadn't the car hit me where it had..had it been 2 cm either side both my legs would have suffered broken bones.
However here I am jumping on both my legs and waiting to melt in the beloved gaze of my Guru.
Guruji I love you so much.
Jai Guru Dev
Sandra Bhowmik

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