Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guru Story - Being Blessed

This incident dates back to two and half year, yes our Silver Jubilee Year. My wife was carrying our second child. The growth, movement of baby and health of the mother was excellent for initial three months. During a routine checkup post first three months, it was noticed that there is no weight gain in baby as well as mother. Doctors decided to wait for two more weeks and advised us for sonography.

After two weeks, we went for sonography in the morning and went to our gynecology doctor in the evening with the report. The mood and face of doctor turned yellow. He explained to us that the report is negative and there are serious problems. The head of baby has grown bigger; the movements have slowed down and told us that these are the indications of "Down Syndrome". This means the child would be mentally retired and can be a serious problem for the child and family if we allow the baby to born. To this my wife became seriously depressed & became stressful. Holding her hand with chanting of gentle Jai Gurudev I tried to assure her that nothing of this sort will happen.

Doctor advised us to go for Culture test on fluid inside uterus. This is said to be ultimate test to conform "down Syndrome". This procedure is complicated and may sometimes result in to abortion or injury to baby. With creating and assuring of HIS bliss my wife went for the test. It takes three weeks for the culture to develop. The three weeks were spent by my wife & our family as if those were three years. During this period I was assuring her to keep faith in HIM and Blessing the baby "Jai Gurudev" as many times as I could. I was very sure that everything would be fine and nothing can go wrong when Guruji is with us.

After three weeks we got call from hospital that the report is ready and we can collect the report, with heavy heart and loads of weight on our legs we went to collect the report. The first question my wife asked the doctor even when we were still to enter her cabin that "How is the report?" and happily she replied "everything is normal, consult your gynec doctor for further advice." On this my wife looked completely relived with reinstating strong faith in Guruji.

With the report we rushed to Gynec doctor, on seeing the report he got relived. Wished us all the best and continued with normal regular treatment. 17th August 2006 we became proud parents of healthy girl child. Her name is Jahanvi. Today she is quarter to three and recently joined the school to attend ply group. She enjoys satsang and all the AOL bhajans. I remember what Guruji once said, "Look backward with gratitude, upward confidence and forward with hope"

Swapnil Salunkhe

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