Thursday, February 3, 2011

Guru Story - Take Guru's Words Seriously

I would like to narrate a Guru Story which happened in my life. I and my wife Karthika wanted to go to Rishikesh to be with Guruji for a very long time and made it at last in March 2007. Since this was the first time we were visiting the Northern India, we were just planning to go to Agra, Mathura and Brindavan as part of this trip. The first day when Guruji arrived in Rishikesh, we were about 40 people in the Kutir. As soon as He entered the room, He saw me first and asked where I was coming from. I said Bangalore, not knowing that He already knew that. Then He asked me again. I was confused. Then He asked if I was coming directly from Bangalore or after visiting Agra, Mathura and Brindavan in exactly the same sequence we had planned! I and Karthika were completely surprised (Why do we forget that He knows everything?) and started laughing and Guruji started laughing too. Nobody in the room really understood a thing! In the same trip on the Last day of advanced course, we were sitting in rows for Guru Darshan, And Guruji came near me. He started pinching my cheek and pulling my ear. I was elated. Then he asked me if I have done my TTC. I said no. Then He told me "DO TTC".

After going back to Bangalore, this small mind of mine was telling me that since I had switched job just 6 months before, how I would get 2 weeks leave to do the TTC. Then I decided to go for TTC at a later date not knowing what was coming and how I completely ignored Guruji's words. After a few days, one night in the Ashram after the satsang, I was again standing in a line for Guru Darshan. Then Guruji came near me, patted my cheek and asked "how are you?" in Kannada. I said I am great, as if I completely understand Guruji's grace. As Guruji was about to leave for Germany later that night, myself and Karthika decided to go to Airport to send him off. On that particular day, my car apparently had some problem (Later found out that it was in perfect condition) and so took our 2-wheeler and started out. In the mid way, we met with an accident. The vehicle hit a curb and my head hit the curb (I was wearing helmet) and Karthika flew across and landed in the road on the other side of the curb. I broke my toe quite terribly and Karthika did not get even a single bruise. It was such an amazing moment that for the first time, we were able to experience our mind being 100% in the present moment! Later we managed to get into a hospital and a surgery was done. Surprisingly I didn't experience any amount of pain throughout this episode. In fact doctors were asking again and again if I am lying or something and I was really laughing throughout. After that I had to take 2 weeks of medical leave coinciding with the dates of TTC! It was only when an astrologer told that my accident was supposedly almost fatal and that I was supposed to have got a head injury, that I started thinking about the whole sequence of events. Here is what I found. Guruji wanted to save me completely and asked me to be in TTC. I COMPLETELY IGNORED. Even after my decision, Guruji was so compassionate that He, by patting on my cheek, made a complete joke of the fate and converted a head injury into a PAINLESS-Toe fracture! On that day I decided to do the next TTC NO MATTER WHAT!

On the top of all this here is another incident in connection with the above episode. I was still in rest after the accident, but wanted to just see Guruji on my birthday. So somehow by limping I went to the Ashram and that day being Monday attended the Rudra Puja and was very happy just with that. But my wife had brought some sweets and asked Swami Sadhyojatah to give them to Guruji in his Kutir as Guruji normally never meets anybody after the Rudra puja. But we were sitting outside the Kutir entrance just hoping some miracle would happen. And MIRACLE happened. Somebody started calling for "Ramki and Karthika" with the usual feverishness! Guruji after receiving the sweets from Swamiji had asked for us to come in. Then with the huge bandage on my foot, I was happily limping all the way to the Kutir along with my wife, my brother-in-law and my parents. Once I stepped into the entrance of the Ganga Kutir, I realized Guruji was all along expecting us and kept on looking at the entrance. Once I entered I touched his feet and He gave me a "SRI SRI Dollar" as a gift and later gave each of us a banana. Then He started asking about what happened to my foot so innocently as if He knew nothing about it. Then I started narrating the story of the accident. He asked smilingly why we have to come all the way to the airport just to wave the hands. Then I told how Karthika flew all the way and ended up having no wound. Guruji busted into laughter. And my brother-in-law told that the police had registered his name in the report for no reason. Guruji asked why. Then I told I didn't have a license! Guruji started laughing even more and all the Swamijis in the room started laughing out loud. And with a Perfect Birthday gift I walked out of the Kutir. Surprisingly this incident in the Kutir was later shared by Guruji himself in an advanced course which my brother-in-law attended. Apparently Guruji was narrating how this couples (me and Karthika) took such a big accident so lightly and laughed all the way through and told the participants that this is how one changes after doing the Art of Living course!

ध्यान मूलं गुरुर मूर्तिः पूजा मूलं गुरुर पदं
मंत्र मूलं गुरुर वाक्यं मोक्ष मूलं गुरुर कृपा
Dhyan moolam gurur murthih Pooja moolam gurur padam
Mantra moolam gurur vakyam Moksha moolam gurur krupa
ध्यान मूलं गुरुर मूर्तिः (Master's form is the root of all Meditations)
पूजा मूलं गुरुर पदं(Master's feets are the root of all worship)
मंत्र मूलं गुरुर वाक्यं (Master's Words are the root of all Mantra)
मोक्ष मूलं गुरुर कृपा (Master's Grace are the root for Liberation)

Ramakrishnan Devarajan
Bangalore India

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