Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guru Story- Longing and Love

I started on this path in the beginning of 2009. I wanted to be in the presence of Guruji on Guru Poornima. Considering that I just did my advanced course with Guruji in March and also my work status wasn't quite stable, I thought of going to Chicago only for Guru Poornima. I still don't know how but I ended up signing up for Advanced Course(Perhaps my intense longing to be with Guruji). I booked my flight tickets as well. Only 2 days before the travel did I notice that I had booked tickets for the wrong date. I panicked and paid extra money to rebook my flight tickets.

 On the day of travel, I was so excited and reached the airport. I was about to enter the security line and then realized that I didn't have my driver's id. I was in tears and asked my friend to pick me back from the airport. My friend asked me to check at the ticketing counter. The guy at the ticket counter asked me to talk to the security personnel. I was pulled aside and I showed them my insurance card, my credit card, bank card with photo etc. The security personnel was still not happy and asked me what else do I have. All through I was praying to Guruji, please I want to do the course and want to be in YOUR presence on Guru Poornima. I searched my handbag and pulled my checkbook out. The security personnel was happy with the checkbook and let me go through security clearance. The best part: I was about to leave the checkbook at home but in the last minute decided to take it with me. None of friends believed when I told them that I was allowed to travel without passport or ID. All I can say is "Guruji's grace". I had wonderful time in Guruji's presence and beautiful darshan on Guru Poornima morning. Within a week after my return, my project got stable and had a choice of 2 projects to choose from !!!

Radha is longing Krishna is love. Where there is longing there is love :)

Jai Gurudev!
Jayashree, USA

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