Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guru Story - GIFT

You know it's like whenever you see something beautiful you want to share it with the most intimate people around you. The beauty and depth I realized through Guruji in my life I wanted everyone in my house to feel it but Alas! My father had become so versed to it that he had started hating satsang, the word guru etc. I use to have a lot of long discussions with him on everything but he always use to tell me that "if there is any guru around, I will not go to him and he will have to come to me and show his presence to me." As he did his basic course but he didn't like Sudarshan Kriya and left doing it in a few days.

Once when I was leaving my home town for my studies I prayed to Guruji that when I meet my father next he should be a completely art of living person. I remember he came to see me off at the railway station and while waiving at him I was praying to Guruji that I wish my father to be absolutely drenched in Guru's love when I meet him next time. I was reading Yogasara Upanishad on my way to Delhi. I completed the book on my way, I remember it was something around 1 o'clock when I finished reading the book, I recall how blissful it was after reading such a deep knowledge which Guruji has portrayed so conveniently that it seeps in us within no time! After reading the book I kept my eyes closed for some time and I was praying to Guruji for everyone around me and again prayed for my father to be in this knowledge. I slept after that with a contented and peace filled heart.

Next day I got down at the railway station and got into a taxi which dropped me at IITD at 6.30am. As soon as I got inside my room my cell phone ranged and took the call and heard my father's voice from the other side and he said-"Pooja I am very sorry to speak such words for Guruji. While speaking his throat was fully chocked he was crying and was gasping too. I could really sense that he was speaking with a lot of gratitude for Guruji. He continued, "As I usually get up to do my pranayam at 5AM and thought of doing Kriya too. As I was doing my kriya just after the first round of my Kriya suddenly I could smell a lot of chandan (Sandalwood) and gulab (rose) fragrance around me and slowly the whole room was filled with it. And I could really feel his presence around me. He said he got up and checked, did somebody use any aroma inside the house but no, there was none. And the blissful smell stayed for some 50 mins inside his room as if he is bathing in the aroma 100%. He was crying and crying saying that Guruji is so kind that he himself came to answer my queries, he is so alert!! He was thanking Gurudev deeply and repeatedly saying that he will never doubt his presence. Guruji quenched his desire of meeting a guru which he was longing for with a authentication. And that is how I feel my prayer got answered. I could feel from the bottom of my heart that guru just takes over every confusion, misery, doubts from us with his presence around us, it's just that we need to be prayerful and to keep a profound faith in him.When I look back I think every moment of my life is Guruji's gift to me. Many times he has surprised me miraculously with his presence.

"There is no experience which equals the ecstasy of prayer. I feel if we can turn every helpless moment into a moment of prayer we will never experience anything unpleasant in our life. If we are intelligent enough to recognize the whisper from the infinity from then prayerful moments just happen for us."

Love and Prayers
Pittsburgh, USA

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