Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guru Story - An Autograph on My Soul

With a great zeal and spirit I went to meet Guruji in December 2003 from Dubai to German Ashram and alone in the passage of his Kutir, I saw him walking towards me and we met in the center of the passage.

"Khush ho na?" he asked while I touched his divine feet. Next day while everyone was waiting in the passage for him to come, I sat down again in the centre of passage for meditation! I noticed something and opened my eyes and he was standing and bending down for me to open my eyes! How can he neglect even one even if waiting for him with eyes closed!

When he called us to meet in his room, he swirled first chocolates in the air in his sweet fond style and I jumped and grabbed it! He looked at me with such a great amazement as if what a big task I've done. When I asked "Guruji your autograph?", pushing his photo forward, looking right into my eyes and signing "Sri Sri" on his left palm he said " I give autograph on the heart!" and I literally felt etching on my heart the way he signed on his palm.

This is the everlasting impression I carry on my heart.

So sweet!

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