Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guru Story- Prayer
Jai Guru Dev,
My self & my whole family is an ardent follower of Guruji and we have full faith that Guruji is always with us and taking full care of ours.
In the month of October' 2010, my father who stays at Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) had developed cataract in both the eyes, but it was more prominent in the left eye. After the checkup at local hospital, the doctor told that the there are some spots on the retina. And there are chances of only 2-3% improvement in the vision after operation. Worryingly my father moved to another specialist, who also told the same thing. This made my father's  worrying more intense and he was not able to sleep properly because of the worry that his vision will never  be alright fully.
I kept on praying to guruji  and doing my sadhna regularly. I also attended my 5th advance (part 2)  course from 9th to 13thNovember  with Gaurav Bhaiya at Rewari, near to Bhiwadi, where we stay. On 15th November my parents along with my Uncle reached Palampur  Hospital where the operation was to be conducted. On checkup the doctors reconfirmed the spots at retina, adding to the worry of my father. I was regularly praying to guruji and assured my father to have the faith that Guruji will take care of everything and he will be alright.
Finally the operation was carried out on 17th November, and the bandage was to be removed the next day. Every one, including my father was praying for his well being to Guruji. On removal of the bandage on 18th  when my father opened his eyes, he could see every thing clearly and the vision was 100%. I got this message and was overwhelmed with the grace of my master.
I feel so lucky that my master is with me always and taking care of everything in my life.

Ravi Chugh
Bhiwadi (Rajasthan)

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