Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guru Story - I will write on your heart

11th jan 2009 ,The date ill never forget , I am basically from Hyderabad(A.P.) studying in manipal( karnataka), I had done a yes course in hyderabad in 2007, in my winter vacation I wanted to do a YES+ course, I contacted my yes teacher, she gave me the number of the yes+ teacher in Hyderabad, I was told the course is from 5th jan 2009 till 11th jan, I felt really happy, thought I will be doing the course and going back to manipal (my vacation was ending on 11th and I had college from 12th). Then I went to my native place to celerate new year. I was back on 3rd jan and contacted the yes+ teacher, to my shock he told me that the course has been postponed to 19th jan and it will be happening from 19th now , I was really heart broken, I asked him if there was any way I could do the course, he told me if I wanted to do the course in Bangalore (I pass through bangalore to go to manipal) , I said YES and he gave me the number of the yes+ teacher in Bangalore, I called her and the teacher told me that the course was happenning from 5th and i'd have to come the next day, I said ok. I did'nt know how I could get the tickets to go to b'lore just one day before, I went to many travel agencies but I did'nt get tickets , then I went to a government booking centre and as soon as he checked for the tickets I got a ticket ,he said I was very lucky as the tickets were going full from a week and the moment I asked for a ticket some one cancelled his/her ticket and I got the ticket, I was all packed and went to Bangalore, the accomodation and everything was taken care of by the teacher, everything was happening like a flow and my course started, it was the best time I ever had in my life, during the course they said me that guruji was in the ashram at that time.

I really wanted to meet him, my course was in the evening and I was free in the mornings, the day guruji arrived in the ashram I was sent for some work in the ashram, my teacher had to give some bread and other things to bawa and dinesh, I was sent to their place in the ashram, I was really excited, I saw bawa and dinesh, they are amazing people ,then I had a look at shakti kutir, I really wanted to see guruji, where is he ??? where is he??? I roamed around the ashram for 2-3hrs, no sign of him, I went to have lunch, I lost hope that I will meet him and I was having lunch and coming back, I was climbing the setu in the ashram and as I came in front of the VM a car passed by and everyone was shouting "HI GURUJI", I turned and saw guruji waving at the crowd. I was really happy that at least I got a glimpse of him, my anxiety of meeting him increased, my course went on till 11th january. I was to catch a bus that night for manipal, I really really wanted to meet guruji, we all yes+ participants were taken to the ashram in the morning, we had a session with bawa, then we came and sat in the satsang, I somehow manged to get a seat really close to the place where guruji was sitting, the satsang was going on, I had bought a diary that new year and I wanted guruji to write something in it for me on the day I meet him ,but there were so many people in the amphitheatre I thought how will I get him to do that, after the satsang guruji was giving gifts to people who had their birthday and anniversary that day , every one started to get up as it was time for guruji to go, I dont know what struck me, I crawled below the railing and went and stood along the way where guruji was to pass by , as he came near I was feeling goosebumps ,then I was really close to him, people were pushing me, that moment I thought, meeting him in this rush is not easy, will just stand here if he looks at me and I will smile. THEN GURUJI LOOKED ME IN THE EYE AND GAVE A BIG SMILE, MY MIND WENT COMPLETELY BLANK, NOBODY TOUCHED ME OR PUSHED ME AS I WALKED TO HIM, I WAS NOT ABLE TO LOOK ELSEWHERE, NOT EVEN WHERE I WAS WALKING, GURUJI'S EYES WERE SO SO CAPTURING, THEY COMPLETELY FILLED ME WITH DELIGHT, I WENT NEAR HIM. HE ASKED ME WHERE I WAS FROM, I SAID I WAS FROM HYDERABAD. I SAID " GURUJI WILL YOU PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING FOR ME IN MY DIARY". GURUJI LOOKS AT ME AND GIVES ME A BIG SMILE AND TOUCHES MY HEART AND SAYS" I WILL WRITE IT IN YOUR HEART". I TOUCHED HIS FEET AND HE LEFT. IT WAS A FEELING THAT I COULD NOT PUT IN WORDS. I THINK I WAS THE ONLY ONE AMONGST THE PEOPLE STANDING THERE WHO COULD HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GURUJI. I FEEL GURUJI HAS LITERALLY WRITTEN SOMETHING FOR ME IN MY HEART :-)

With Love

Kulpreet Singh

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