Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guru Story - How HE came in my life

My master - How he came in my life

In the evening after work, when i came was thinking (as usual) and sobbing for the incidents, the pain and difficulties I m dealing with, pitying myself (WHY ME) being severe diabetic, last couple of days was hospitalised for severe rise in sugar count around 407, family issues, debts and all the thoughts going round and round (vicious circle) after getting totally drained still weeping, i heard the door bell ring, thought will not answer, whoever it is they will go if i dont answer, but it rang for the second time, i went to answer, there stood a couple from the Iskcon association, the lady introduced and told me we would like to do damodar arati at your house, i thought to reject their request, but instead i told them confirm for 8th October, they left suddenly i realised all my mind had cleared, and i was feeling better.

On a friends request i had promised to do the then something called AOL(art of living course) which solves all problems according to the friend who was of the AOL Family, due to medical expenses, i was not in a position to pay the course fees, but my friend offered to loan it to me, i agreed, but was feeling again adding loan to my existing situation, but i wanted to do it, the course was to start on 3rd Oct saturday 2009, i attended the course, the experience has been immense bringing a total change, improved health, total stress relief, happy and smiling me, ahhh (New Me)....just the last day 8th Oct [8 is Guru) of the course i realised krishna came, and took alll the sufferings away.

Since then its only and only the best in my life, how evry step, the master is guiding with love and care.

After the course never been to the doctor, for diabete(sugar is in control)
regular with my kriya, met Guruji withexact 60 day strong sankalpa, spreading smiles, helping people to overcome stress, working towards the future, aspiring and with the intention to be a YES teacher soon. The (TEEN TEACHER)   Guruji all with your blessings. JGD!

Diabetic since 2005, no family history of diabetes, only because of stress, i had acquired.

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