Thursday, January 5, 2012

Divine is Serving Us!

Divine is Serving Us!

My sister Rie and I have been looking at the ferry website to book tickets to go home to Beppu for New Year holidays. In Japan, everyone books their tickets minimum 2-3 months (some even 6!) in advance because they think there might be a lot of rush during the holidays.

So we both refreshing and checking the website for availability. My sister even called the ferry authorities only to know that there is nothing open till Dec 31st evening (making us reach home on Jan 1st.)

I gave up the ferry thought yesterday night, deciding that we will have to take the shinkansen (Japanese bullet train) which is going to cost us exactly triple for our 4-days holiday. I have to make a trip to India in January and dont have any savings. Rie is a single mother so its a little sharp on her to pay everything for two people.

Anyways, I revised my budget my mind, "accepted the situation as it is", and went to bed last night knowing that as long as the family is together, money is not an issue and we will be taken care of. In the end, everything always works out for the best of everyone, right?

Today morning before going to work I thought of just checking the website "incase" there was something available. And guess what.. there were 2 seats available!!!!!!!

The Divine is actually "serving" us all the time, just a little attention and all 'tensions' go away!


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