Thursday, December 23, 2010

Guru Story - Surrender

Guru Story - Surrender

I would like to share one of my recent personal experiences. This is about my green card which is pending for approval for a while, like most of other people. My application will not be considered for an approval in the near future, based on my application category and visa numbers availability. However there are some grim chances of having an upgrade of my visa application category, but chances are very little.

Very recently visa numbers are available for the just one above category to the my application category. My friends and some other known people applications are started getting cleared. My curiosity bumping up day by day and my expectations also started diminishing day by day. Ultimately ended up with a stress and I failed to apply the knowledge point of expectations kills joy.

Out of my stress, I made an inquiry about my case, which is not a recommended course action, because technically my application was filed in the different category. My attorney was trying from her side to port my case to the next level of category. In spite of all these uncertainties, I made that mistake by filing an inquiry and got a following response saying no visa numbers available for your application category. This information made it clear that my application category is not ported to the next category.

Having known the fact about my case status, I become dispassionate with a flavor of disappointment. And there were so many internal dialogs flashing inside my mind from all the directions like a high beam of neon flash beam bombarding and reflecting back with in a very enclosed transparent sphere. I lost my present moment and not focused on what I am doing. And at this moment idea flashed to apply some knowledge and wisdom to get over it, then who else is the wisdom hub. Started reading a small book that I borrowed from Nirupama with an intention to find some knowledge points and apply. I find surrender is the way to step out of dilemma.

I wanted to surrender Now next question is how to do surrender? Based on some points here and there in this book about the surrender and some close relative points. What I understood is

1. Do whatever you can do, with in your ability of 100% 
2. Surrender actions and inactions and get free out of it 
3. Measure stick for the quality surrender: If you are not happy with your present moment, surrender didn't happen completely 100%. (This is my interpretation based my understanding)

I started gauging my completeness of surrender by present moment happiness. So I wasn't happy with the that moment, therefore I am not surrender. Finally while I was on the flight back to Home closed my eyes for three minutes and contemplated my mind to surrender my worry for three minutes. It was so deep and intense that I totally forget about it and had a cup of coffee in the flight and soda. Happily returned home and opened internet browser to check US Open tennis game score but happened to see my email and got a email from USCIS saying that my green card is approved

Act of surrender worked out and just said Jai Gurudev and lived my moments for sometime in astonishment and wonder.

The idea of this email not to present miracles but to emphasize the significance of knowledge and wisdom and how powerful it is to manage our day to day issues and some chronic problems. we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful Guruji to make our every moment as a celebration and happy.

I don't know how to close this subject, again I am surrendering conclusion.

Jai Gurudev
M V Sekhar
Milwuakee USA

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