Thursday, December 30, 2010

Guru Story - Sankalpa Always Pays off

Guru Story - Sankalpa Always Pays off

It was before Shivaratri* Celebration 2009, when we were starting for celebration. With everything falling in place as always, the day long awaited arrived, but we failed to arrive at the station on time. The Kochuveli Express headed for Kollam* was off the platform when we were on the crowded over bridge at the Bangalore station. 

Madhuri was having double thoughts now, if this was an indication for her to stay back in Bangalore; I decided that I had to go. Madhuri agreed to come till the bus point to see me off. I called up the travel agency, they declared that the last VOLVO would leave in 10 min; a long speech in Malayalam* could get that from 10 min to 15 min. 

We hopped into an auto, with one ear already at the travel agency and a mind already at the next day's Sudarshan Kriya. But again, it was not to be. This time it was the bus that we saw waving the second bye of the day. I know Guruji does this to people whom HE absolutely loves. Half disappointed that my Malayalam did not pay off and also at the fact that I let the person along down, but with much more assurance that I will get a bus, I walk into another agency. I asked him for 2 seats and he said – "seat indu pakshe bus poyi" means "There are seats but the bus just left." And then came those words "orappanenkil bus nirutham" - If you really want we can ask the bus to wait.

I rushed to the ATM, literally pull out the money out of the machine, this was enough stimuli to get Madhuri as well to an even active state, she also hopped into the auto, a few minutes of gratitude, the throat choked, and there it was a black shiny VOLVO parked by the side, with just 2 seats free. 

SANKALPA always always PAYS OFF. If your intentions are good and you just have to do all that you can, then Guruji will make sure the rest falls in place. And now every moment we know for sure that we are all taken care of. We got to Kollam even before our first miss train got there, we caught the final minutes of the mornings Kriya session. Got some great shots of Guruji and had 2 days of absolute BLISS.

Srikanth Subramanian
Bangalore, India

Shivaratri: (Night of Shiva or "Great Night of Shiva") is a festival celebrated every year on the 13th night/14th day in the krishna paksha (waning moon) of the month of Maaga (as perShalivahana or Gujarati Vikrama) or Phalguna (as per Vikrama) in the Hindu Calender (that is, the night before and day of the new moon). The festival is principally celebrated by offerings of Bael (Bilva) leaves to the Lord Shiva, all day fasting and an all night long vigil and performing Rudra Pooja. Its one of great annual festival celebrated by Art of Living in presence of Guruji.

Kollam: is a city in the south Indian State of Kerala. The town is very famous and a prominent tourist destination. Art of Living Shivaratri Celebration happened in Kollam city.

Malayalam: is a predominant language used south Indian State of Kerala 

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