Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guru Story - He is OMNIPRESENT

Guru Story - He is OMNIPRESENT

I had a wonderful experience today and also learned a very important lesson.

It all started after I did my 3rd Advance course with Rishi Nityapragya few days back. I was mesmerized by the kind of knowledge that he imparted, especially OFS. It made a direct connection with the Guru. And then I was also a part of the Rishi Ji's 4 day event called the Gyan Ganga. Hmm.. So now the interesting part, Guruji just landed in Delhi today at 1:30 P.M. I stay little far from the place where He was going to stay, and so doubts about the distance that I have to travel started coming up in my mind. Also, I had my MBA classes from 3, so was feeling a little apprehensive about missing that. While all these 'kuturka' (wrong logic) thoughts were going in my mind, I suddenly became aware, and surrendered these thoughts to Guruji. Once Bawa had said that if you choose Guruji over anything else then everything will fall into place automatically. I decided to pay heed to that advice and left :)

So now I reached Vasant Vihar, and it was really hot. There were few hundred people inside the house, and I was happy to see the fewer crowds! But lo! After a short while the number just increased and increased. We were all busy doing satsang, and then the lights went off. The temperature seemed to have increased further. People started praying to Guruji for a nice weather and the thing that I am going to tell you guys is simply unbelievable. Just before Guruji was stated to come the weather suddenly changed, and it started drizzling. Clouds seem to have covered us as an answer to our prayer and the entire weather had changed. Things were fine, but as soon as Guruji entered there was total chaos. I was standing outside the room and was not at all feverish to meet Him. I had decided to give Him total freedom today, to meet whoever He wants to.

SO I didn't mind when He didn't look at me when I was standing at the entrance when He arrived. I was patient yet firm in my mind, that He will definitely meet me, If He wants to. Guruji entered the room where 50 or so devotees were seated. The room was very small, and there was no light : ) But outside it was raining heavily, and the rain Gods of Delhi, were all welcoming Him : ) With a longing in my heart to meet me, and yes no feverishness I also entered the room. Soon hundreds of people stormed that small room, and people were falling on top of each other. I also happened to step on few people, and the situation was really bad. I totally surrendered that situation to Guruji as well.

Few minutes later after total chaos, I suddenly find myself in front of the Master. He was meeting people personally. I was completely awed by His presence, had no words to tell Him. 

The only word that I could utter was "Thanks", to which He sweetly said "Jai Gurudeva" and handed me a box of prasad.

I was shocked to see the contents of the prasad, it had proper lunch and amazingly I was thinking of skipping my lunch as I was going to meet Him. He took care of it. And yes, talking about my MBA classes our Angel made sure that I reach the classes on time. In spite of so much chaos, heavy rains I was able to make it to my MBA class at 3 PM! All His grace.

Just have an intention to meet Him, and you will definitely. There's really no one between you and Him except your ego and small mind :)

Sidhharth Jain
East Delhi, India

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