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Guru Story - Divine Experience

Guru Story - Divine Experience

I teach Management and Organizational Behavior to students of MBA. One fine day during February 2009 after a lecture, a thought came, that this sort of classes are not helping in my spiritual progress, all these students want spoon feeding and, they're just concerned about their examinations, whereas I have a lot more to pour.. I was little disturbed with these kind of thoughts for few days, and then it all happened..

A senior Doctor from Fortis Hospital asked me on 13th March 2009, whether I would be able to take a lecture on 'Positive Attitude in Life' & 'Motivation' for a group of few selected patients. I whole heartedly accepted the invitation without giving it a thought, what I am going to do there & how, since it would be totally different from the other management classes where I am given a topic and syllabus, and all the students will go through examination process etc... but here this situation demanded greater responsibility and commitment.

Anyways, the whole week till Saturday I was busy with one or the other thing, couldn't prepare for the lecture, and then the D-day arrived, it was Sunday 22.03.09, I was awake at 5.00 in the morning and started assembling thoughts jotting them down on a piece of paper…. After 1 & ½ hour, I was fully and confidently ready for the event. Planned to make them meditate first (meditating is one thing but making others meditate & that too without any experience, as I have never done such a thing earlier) and packed a big white sheet (as if the hospital wouldn't provide the sheets), on my way to hospital, stopped the car at a General store, and bought few packets of Cadbury Gems (something guiding me continuously… didn't know exactly what I am going to do with these tiny colored sweet tit-bits…) then stopped at the florist shop and bought 10-rose buds, again didn't know what for…

You would be amazed to know what happened there... there were 7 participants (3 patients, 2 physiotherapist, and 2 other curious persons) I made them meditate for complete 20 minutes.. before starting, asked them.. "have u ever been to Heaven.." they were shocked at my question, then I said "don't worry, there is no need to die for being in heaven, today we'll go for a picnic in Heaven…Okay, close your eyes, first of all we'll chant 'OM' for 3 times…. "…. (even I amazed myself with all this.. I could easily feel the presence of the 'Higher Power' then and there itself. I myself didn't know, what was there inside me.. and all coming out with such an ease… was continuously speaking… "You are a peaceful soul…a loving soul.. going to meet the almighty… our journey is full of life, beautiful birds are chirping, colorful butterflies are touching us, we r as light as air, we r flying, HE is waiting there for us… the one who is full of love and life…the One Who gives us Eternal Joy… is 100%... is calling upon us… …………. Now that we are here.. HE is here… fulfilling our lives with eternal peace, joy, love and bliss... we have been longing for years….. let's unite with the ultimate…" ….

By the end of this meditation session when I asked them to open their eyes.. I could see them smiling back and filled up with joy and love… to my utter surprise.. I asked them all to hold each other's hand, look into each other's eyes.. they did… by then (I am delighted to say that) my hands started passing RIEKI (although haven't completed my RIEKI Course yet but still... it started happening) to the lady sitting next to me, she said..."Mam I am feeling the current/vibrations in my hand", I said "don't worry, keep smiling and let it pass through your body and onto the person sitting next to you.. after few seconds everybody in the room said that their body is having vibrations, they could feel it... They all said.. yes, today you took us to Heaven. It was a wonderful experience.

Oh God.. What a moment was that I couldn't help with the tears rolling down my eyes.. the tears of joy, the tears with a sense of completeness, fulfillment.. (my vocabulary is short of words to express that particular moment in words). After that... I gave them a small questionnaire, then we did a case study for motivational aspect.

And in the end.. the Doctor joined us, then I gave each of them a packet of Gems and a rose bud… and you would be surprised to know(since I amazed myself too-- it was totally unplanned) what I told them… I said.. "the packet of Gems contains colorful sweet bits… I pray to God.. that your life be as colorful and as sweet as these tiny gems, and u all share colors and sweetness with all and everyone who comes in contact with you" and for the rose bud I asked them "do you know why this flower is being given?" Someone said "Yes, it is given to the loved one and to the one whom we wish to congratulate or share happiness".. I said "no".. "today am giving this flower to you.. just to say that if you care for the flower, if u keep it in water.. it will be fresh for few hours.. but tomorrow or day after, it is going to die.. same happens with our life.. we are granted very less time.. nourish your life, keep smiling… do today and now whatever u wish to do.. because there is no tomorrow.. and don't forget if the night has come, it is definitely accompanied with a day… joys n sorrows, days n nights, good n bad.. come what may.. don't ever lose hope.." with these words I ended the session..

The session ended but yes.. the experience will remain in my heart for the rest of the life…. I got huge applause from all of them.. then the Doctor said I wish to confess something, I asked him 'what?' he said.. "last Sunday I invited a Dietitian and last to last Sunday, a cosmetic physiotherapist.. and when I asked you to take a lecture I thought, whether you'll be able to go with the sync, and what if our purpose of the lecture is defeated. But now, I am proud to say that all my apprehensions were wrong, you proved to be the best faculty for this. I wish, I would have invited you first...".

And then, when he reached for his drawer, I stopped him, without knowing, what he was up to.. I said "what I earned in the past 2 hours.. is priceless.. don't make it small by paying me few bucks." He was surprised & said.. "how do u know what I was up to?" I said.. "Even I don't know, what am saying or doing today".. But I knew one thing… THE DIVINE PRESENCE then and there.

Although I have been doing 'Saadhna' since last 5-6 years, but in actual sense now have started experiencing it in life after doing my AOL Basic course in November 2008 and then Advance course in March 2009.

PS: One more thing would like to share that this class was held on 22.03.09 and my first advance course was scheduled on 26.03.09. I did several things in my class which were later taught to me in advance course, I was totally unaware about the practices or exercises of the advance course, but with the grace of Guruji, it all happened 4 days in advance to me.

Life is short, make it sweet..
God Bless You!

Jai Gurudev
Deepa Kapoor
(C) Art of Living Foundation

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