Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guru Story - Healing Experience Of Sri .A. Sundararajan

I am A Sundararajan, a retired Officer of the Public Health Department residing in Kovaipudur area of Coimbatore. During February, 1992, I suffered a heart attack and was in the intensive care unit of a leading hospital in Coimbatore, for more than 12 days. After the clinical Angiogram it was diagnosed that there were two blocks in my heart one in the left anterior descending artery which was 100%, leading to the dysfunction in my left ventricle. The right coronary artery was also blocked to an extent of 75% and because of this pumping of blood was just 35%. By-pass surgery was ruled out as the problem was at the origin of the LAD artery. The doctors also ruled out any other surgical correction for this disorder and advised me to take rest and just pray to god. I was also given an inkling that my days are just to be numbered. This was a major blow to me and my family.

It was absolutely a divine blessing that came my way in the form of an Art of Living Basic Course. In June 1992, I did the course at Coimbatore and within a few weeks, began to feel some recuperation happening in me. Gradually I was able to feel at ease and return back to my normal routine work. Within two months, I attended an Advance Meditation Course at the Bangalore Ashram with Guruji guiding us throughout the course. After the course Guruji blessed me and said all my problems will be over and exactly the miracle happened in my life. With his blessings I was able to get back to my work and retire from it gracefully at the age of 58 (normal retirement age). There was rapid progress in my health and I became an active member of the Art of Living Family of Coimbatore and completely stopped thinking about my ailment.

Recently, when I went for a Health check-up there was no trace of the blocks. It is so astounding to feel and experience the divine grace. I am indeed very fortunate to have experienced the efficacy of this amazing knowledge. Now, every day , I travel by two wheeler a minimum distance of 40-50 km, as part of seva commitments and celebrating life by being part of this great Art of Living Family. I am grateful to Guruji, for not only extending my life on this earth but also making it purposeful and significant.

A.Sundararajan- Kovaipudur, Coimbatore.

Sri. Kovaipudur Sundararajan is one of the three District Development Committee Members for Coimbatore and has totally involved himself in the Art of Living Activities for the past 14 Years. His profound devotion to Guruji and this wonderful knowledge has enabled him to reach out Art of Living awareness in this region. He is a great source of inspiration for others.
M.Gopalakrishnan , Web Seva Team.

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