Thursday, November 18, 2010

Guru Story - A Divine Dive Before Suicide

One of the teachers passed this along ...

"One afternoon in Bali, Guruji picked on this girl amidst 700 peop le doing the course and asked her to meet Him later. It turned out, that girl was planning to commit suicide right after the course (she was forced to sit through it). Guruji "tried" cajoling her to change her stupid thinking and when nothing worked.....His voice became stern!

HE said "do you know how many times have you been on this planet.....18 times as a donkey...14 times as a you know how precious is this human birth haaan....and in this birth you get to see you even realize this is such a BIG blessing.... you get to sit in My satsang and it's only because of MY GRACE!" Nothing moved after that....the air was still and the room went beyond the realm of time and space!

I sat there in one corner with goose bumps all over my body and tears in my eyes! I realized we haven't chosen this path..... this path has chosen us!
With all my innocence and love, I bow down to the Master of the Universe!!!



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