Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guru Story - Our Art Excel student is now 13 yr old CEO

Dear All,

Couple of months after he took the ART Excel, Anshul Samar who was only 11yr then, called me one day to ask, What is the purpose of Life ?

Never before did I hear that question so sincere from such a young one. and his purpose already unfolding at 13yr. Anshul is the 13yr old CEO who launched his company
along with his sister Shailee (11yr) & 2 other friends.

Yes, You read it right ...
read about their company at
and their Success Story at ...

Anshul & Shailee are one of the most dedicated of the ART Excel kids, I have seen them move with faith keeping the practices with them through so many situations
in the last 2years.

Our kids are indeed blessed to blossom in Guru ji's grace.
And it is wonderful to see them grow up with truly All Round Excellence in Life ...
Our Best wishes to the Samar Family. Vipin & Pratibha have been the incredible support & guiding force in making choices as Parents for these kids.

Below is a poem I would like to share that Anshul wrote for Guru ji and sent as Christmas Gift to me.

In Every Breath
Anshul Samar, 7th grade, 25th December 06

Always besides me
Right there
Next to me
Embracing me, bringing me
Close to his heart
Picking me up
Holding me
And walking me
Through the
Sadness of my life
Making every moment
Of my life
Full of essence, peace
Love, joy
And Gratitude
Giving unconditional love
To each one of my cells
And with a smile
Lifting my soul
Letting it fly
Always teaching me
The true meaning
Of Life, the true meaning
Of Love, and the true meaning
Of Bliss
Opening a whole
New world for me
And showing me
Happiness and joy
Beyond measure
The one whose presence
I can feel
In every moment
In every heartbeat
And in every breath

From: Uma Ammagari <>

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