Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guru Story - Gracefullness

For quite some time I wanted to share my experiences being in The Art of Living with all of you. Finally I'm penning it down. It all started in Korba, Chattisgarh way back in 1998. Their was a sudden craze among all people in our township regarding a "Course", somehow Ma & Baba also got going with it. And then the sun started coming out from west from the next day. The first time ever in Mukherjee family's history we were having Bhath (Boiled Rice) & Aloo gobhi (Potato & Cauliflower preparation instead of the trademark Kosha Mangsoh (Bengali Red meat preparation) a Sunday lunch duh !!!!

But who knew that this was just the glimpse of what was about to pop up. Many sort weird/ scary sounds started coming out with mantra chanting and om chanting from their room every morning. And within a weeks time my lovely scenery picture in living room got changed by a life size frame of a "dadhi waale baba ji's pic" (Can't translate that) and on top of it every morning the torture session gets started with the stereo playing bhajans at the top of its voice. Man only I know how I survived through that tough changing times at home.

I used to be a Bronchial asthmatic patient (It was a heredity disease from my mothers side). I had 44% lung blockages, every now and then I needed to get hospitalized. My best friend used to be my bunch of inhalers, puffs & tablets. I didn't even used to talk free flow forget about singing. When my parents came to know that AOL even has courses for kids, they got me enrolled into Art Excel. But due to some rifts with my classmates I got an attack on Saturday (2nd last day of the course) in school and needed to get directly hospitalized from there resulting me not being able to complete the course. But my teacher Priyajit Raju sir told me that I can repeat it next time and that's what I did. After practicing the ha ha hu hu (miniature version of the Sudarshan Kriya) for about 3 months I started coughing out like anything.

By the end of 4th month my coughs color got changed into pinkish-red and by 6month it turned to black. Even though it scared the hell out of me, my teacher told me to continue with it and said," It's the toxins your body has accumulated over the years, let it flush out". My doctor said," I don't know what sort of treatment you are availing outside my knowledge, but whatsoever it is, its doing wonder for you and showing drastic change on your body".

My doctor's & my teacher's words came true. By the end of 7th month of doing the course I was completely free of Asthma and my stamina was turbo boosted. The very same year I represented my state in National Swimming Championship and even won the Gold medal in 100 m sprint race. Breast stroke setting a new record.

I think it must have been the good karma of me & my relatives in my last birth that have made me eligible for His blessings in this lifetime or its just that He wanted me to get offloaded so as I can as a better instrument. Whatsoever it is all I can say is :-

इतना मधिर इतना मधुर, तेरा मेरा प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमें कई कई बार !!!!

Deepan Mukherjee
Fusion Satsang Star
Art of Living Foundations