Thursday, September 9, 2010


Guru Story - Amazing Grace

I have read and heard a lot about miracles happening in the part-1 course. I myself experienced the greatest miracle of inner transformation and drastic changes that happens in life since the days I did my part-1 course. But I did never witness a miracle right before my own eyes before 22nd of March 2007. Something happened just before my eyes, which was another instance of His amazing grace.

It was my third course as a teacher. There were 24 people including the assistants at the community hall of the Sree Ayyappa Temple, HAL, Bangalore. There was one participant, who met with a motor bike accident some days before the course. His name is Shyam. He works for TCS at Bangalore. On day one, he could not reach the course venue of his own. He was very badly injured. One of our volunteers, Rahul had driven to his house and brought him for the course. He was really injured. I could find a lot of scratches, wounds and cuts on his body, especially on his hands and legs. Even there were wounds on his palms! He could not even hold a pen. Our volunteer was writing for him.

Throughout the sessions he was sitting on the chair. I could see the pain in his eyes. He had severe headache too as an effect of the accident. He could not do anything properly, neither pranayams, nor bhastrika. Even ujjayi breath created headache for him.

Next day I was a bit confused; whether to allow him do kriya or not. He was having problems with his eyes too. Anyway, finally I decided to allow him to do kriya. He was pressing his head, forehead and showing signs of pain during Kriya. Towards the end of the kriya, he became unconscious and fell down from the chair. But surprisingly, I was not at all worried. I allowed him to lay there. He told about severe pain after the kriya, while sharing the experience.

On the second day also same things repeated. He was showing signs of pain. He could not breath the fast cycles. I just advised him to relax for sometime. Still he was giving his 100%.

On third day, when he came for the course, his eyes were sparkling . could do Pranayams, Bhastrika and what not.. He came to me, shown his hands and told. "I don't have any pain now!! It's gone. I am not even using medicine. I came on my bike driving. Even there is no pain on the palms." His eyes were sparkling with wonder. He said "I have a slight pain on my knee. that's all. It's amazing!!". Still I could see the red color of flesh; but he had no pain. I just looked at the photograph of my master. I had no words to utter.

He became a different person. On Saturday the session was at 04:00PM. He told me on Friday, that he could not come for the session, for he had to attend the first "call" of his career. But he was there on Saturday, sharp at 04:00 PM. He told. "I don't know how. The call got postponed.."

On Sunday we conducted the sessions at Sumeru Mandap at Ashram. I could not believe my eyes. He was running, jumping a kid... Even he fell down on the floor during one of the games. But according to him, there was no pain in his body. He shared his experience. "What shall I tell? It's visible before you. I came here in such a condition that I could not move, I could not sit properly.

My body was aching so much. Now there is no pain at all. Now I will come for the next course also (to assist)." I asked the crowd. "Did you know that your breath could heal you?" Nobody opened mouth. They nodded their heads. Shyam told, "YES." "with grace of the master."

- Reshma Kurup

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Jai Gurudev :)